There are no costs involved in enrolling for any of the "15 MinutesMath" Baseline Assessments on this website.

However, as the name suggests, these quizzes are designed to provide a benchmark of the knowlegde and skill of any learner at any moment in time during the year, i.e. to evaluate the level of preparation before a formal class test.

The best way to use these Baseline Assessments is to redo the test until full marks are obtained. The method in the madness there is that the learner will get continuous practice, even if it is to correct only one mistake in the test.

If a learner doesn't know what the mistake(s) are, logic dictates that he/she will ask someone for help. Our partners are offering such a platform for assistance:

MATHmechanic e-Learning Club:
If you enroll as a member of the e-Learning Club (R800pm) you can request a video memorandum of any of the Baseline Assessments.

You could also request such Baseline Assessments to be developed on request.
(Time frames: For videos - 48 hours / for a new 15 MinutesMath test - 7 days)

HomeworkHelper is a facility where the learners are assisted with their homework and questions on a daily basis through e-Learning platformsm by focussing on one question at a time.

Two packages are available:
Basic: The learner will submit the question after which it will be explained (the question will not be answered, i.e. the homework is not done on behalf of the learner) via YouTube Live Broadcast (live streaming)....the learner will be notified when to tune in to hear the explanation. (R150 per week)

Premium: The learner will also engage in a discussion with the tutor about the question that was submitted, whereby the tutor will attempt to assist the learner to get the question right and understand everything that is required to know about the specific question. Most of the time these discussions are all that is needed, but if need be the discussion will also be taken to a YouTube Broadcast, Videos selected from our database, or even online classes. (R200 per week)